Est. 1977

Est. 1977

Est. 1977Est. 1977

Hip Hop's 1st Female Soloist

MC Debbie D

MC Debbie D is one of the Matriarchs in hip hop, a title she created to denote the first female MCs and DJs who were at the forefront of the culture during its inception.   Although Harlem born,  Debbie D was Bronx raised in the Morrisiana Section of the South Bronx. Attending Summer jams in the parks with local DJs in Webster Houses, is where she got her first start on the mic in 1977.


In 1979, Debbie D joined her first crew as the only female MC with  DJ Patty Duke & The Jazzy 5, who later merged with the K Connection.   Considering herself a young  lyricist, Debbie D coined herself Grand Mistress; the female version of the male title, Grand Master.  In 1981, MC Debbie D broke from her all male crew and emerged as Hip Hop's First Female MC Soloist!  Several years after, she joined with Us Girls, who were featured in the movie, Beat Street.  Her final years on stage was as a soloist with the legendary Juice Crew.  Coupling emceeing with fashion, Debbie D is recognized as one of hip hop's earliest Fly Girls! 

Today, MC Debbie D is a Flyerologist, published author, the first rapper turned preacher and the first rapper to hold an earned Doctorate. In addition, her name is included among "Bronx Crews" at the Smithsonian (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC.   Click here for the entire Discography.

What's Up With Debbie D?

Serial Entrepreneur

MC Debbie D, Us Girls Can

MC Debbie D is the Founder of Us Girls Can, a nonprofit organization that empowers women and girls.  Contact her to empower your women's group:



MC Debbie D is a sought after Panelist and Flyerologist who shares first hand knowledge on the history of hip hop.  To book her for your event send email to: