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You have just entered into the world of one of the first female MCs on the mic! Browse my site to learn about my journey as a pioneer, contribution to hip hop culture and how you can book the Flyerologist to discuss intricate details on early hip hop at your next endeavor!  

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About Debbie D

Pioneer MC

Hip Hop Pioneer MC Debbie D

The birth of hip hop started in the parks and jams on the streets of the South Bronx.  MC Debbie D is one of the first  few female MCs to rhyme on the mic. Learn about my history in male crews and emergence as hip hop's 1st female MC soloist. 

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MC Debbie D from Beat Street Movie 1984

In the mid '80s, the focus of hip hop changed from fun to fame as artists built their careers on radio, records and movies. As a pioneer, MC Debbie D was a catalyst in changing the game for female MCs.  Learn more about my contribution!

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As an eyewitness to the birth of hip hop,  Debbie D provides intricate details on the origin of hip hop. As a Flyerologist, she takes you back in time through hip hop's only written authentic archives - FLYERS!  

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MC Debbie D Speaker/Flyerologist


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