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About Debbie D

Pioneer MC

Hip Hop Pioneer MC Debbie D

MC Debbie D is one of the first female MCs who appeared on the mic in the '70s during the birth of hip hop in the parks and jams in The Bronx, New York.  Her story highlights her experiences in hip hop as the only female in a male crew to her elevation and success as hip hop's 1st female soloist with a girl DJ, in a male dominated genre!

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MC Debbie D from Beat Street Movie 1984

In the mid '80s, the focus of hip hop changed from fun to fame as artists built their careers on radio, records and movies. MC Debbie D was a catalyst in changing the game for female MCs in hip hop with a movie deal in Beat Street and being a part of the legendary Juice Crew with several rap singles produced by a prominent DJ.

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Hip Hop Matriarch/Speaker

Authenticity and intricate details are the blended features you hear when this Hip Hop Matriarch speaks! As a pioneer MC and eyewitness to the rising culture, her stories cover a rich wealth of knowledge on the origin of hip hop from 1977-1984.  She is also a motivational speaker and inspires girls with her academic achievement! 

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Book The Hip Hop Matriarch

Hip Hop: 1977-1984


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