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Hip Hop Pioneer MC Debbie D

Pioneer MC

Born in Harlem and raised in The Bronx, NY, MC Debbie D is one of the first few female mcs who appeared on the mic in the parks, jams and clubs during the birth of hip hop. Her distinguished career began in 1977 with an all male crew, where she honed her lyrical skills and then excelled as hip hop's first female soloist, charting the course for those who stand on her shoulders today!

MC Debbie D from Beat Street Movie 1984


Hip hop in the early '80s gave rise to radio, recordings and movies. In 1984, MC Debbie D appeared with Us Girls in the first international hip hop movie, Beat Street, produced by  legendary actor, Harry Belafonte.  Two certified gold recordings later, she returned to the stage as a soloist, joined one of hip hop's most noted lyrical groups and recorded several other rap singles. 


Being 'behind the ropes' and on the stage as an eye witness and an active participant of hip hop during its foundational years, sanctions MC Debbie D as a bona fide consultant for hip hop enthusiasts.  Her passion and area of specialty, however, focuses upon shedding light on some of the most critical and historical intricate details about early women in hip hop. 

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