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Hip Hop Matriarchs

Who We Are

Hip Hop Matriarchs are the first of thousands of girls around the world, to appear on the hip hop scene in The Bronx, NY -- the Home of Hip Hop. This elite group of women are solely responsible for laying the maternal blueprint for women in hip hop.

Hip Hop Matriarchs are women who were visible at park jams, schoolyards and clubs, before the genre got its name, emceeing was called rapping, hip hop was played on the radio, seen in a movie, used on social media or found in books or a museum.  These are the girls who wrote and spit the first rhymes on the microphone to break beats and was seen scratching on the turntables. In the '70s, their names appear on hip hop's first handdrawn flyers.  These are the girls who you saw "behind the ropes" at park jams and heard emceeing on cassette tapes, as young boys walked down the street with Pumas, Kangols and large boom boxes on their shoulders! Each Matriarch is deeply embedded into the origin of hip hop, and her name, without any discrepancy, can be traced back to the Patriarchs, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Afrika Bambaataa and DJ GrandMaster Flash.  An honorable mention of each Matriarch's name is also located in the Communities Hip Hop Section of the Smithsonian (NMAAHC) in Washington, DC. 

Whether as a BGirl, MC or DJ, all of the Matriarchs began their hip hop career in the Summer of 1976-78, in various sections of The Bronx.  While history denotes that other girls were also on the scene, the criteria of a Hip Hop Matriarch, qualifies as one who made an indelible impact in hip hop and was working within the culture for at least 10 years, consistently, since the inception of female MCs and DJs.   

Although hip hop has become a global phenomenon and many women have now contributed to the culture, these women are distinct in that, they were on the scene,  over four decades ago, when the culture was in its infancy!  Hip Hop Matriarchs are the foundation to where hip hop history begins for women and who's shoulders every girl who partakes in the culture, past, present and future, stand upon! 

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Hip Hop Matriarchs

MC Lisa Lee

MC Lisa Lee Zulu Nation First Female MC, Matriarchs of Hip Hop. Female MC 70s, Beat Street Us Girls

MC Debbie D

MC Debbie D first female MC soloist Matriarchs of Hip Hop Female MCs 70s, Us Girls women in hip hop

MC Pebblee Poo

MC Pebblee Poo - DJ Kool Herc First Female MC.  Hip Hop Matriarch, Female MC 70s

Mercedes Ladies

Mercedes Ladies is the first DJ and MC female hip hop crew of The Bronx, NY.